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It’s not always about who has your data. Sometimes, it’s about reclaiming your time, read as “life.”

I was among the first of the WhatsApp deserters who jumped overboard to swim to that distant shore of data privacy. I had already been using Signal for a couple of years or so. But it was Telegram that I’d set my sights on because it was the closest thing to WhatsApp from this user’s perspective. And man, did I love WhatsApp.

Here’s My Backstory

I live in India, where prior to the WhatsApp shakeup, there were some 400 million WhatsApp users by…

by Craig Boehman

I’ve practiced street photography for over six years. To borrow from the commercial trucker world, that’s some proper long-haul time. This includes one year of everyday street photography back in 2017 when I photographed three strangers a day for my aptly titled project, #3StrangersAday .

What I’m getting around to is the fact that there are personal benefits to be reaped from spending a lot of time photographing people and places, along with interacting and navigating with the same, respectively. …

Being an ‘influencer’ is a dead-end game. Be a photographer.

Image by Craig Boehman

I used to take Instagram more seriously than I do now. It took me deleting my old profile and a little soul-searching, but I’ve come to the conclusion that Instagram isn’t worth any stress. We photographers need to relax; it’s only Instagram. Social media is supposed to serve us, not the other way around. Let Instagram serve us We should not be chasing followers. We should not be chasing likes. We should not be purchasing followers or likes. We shouldn’t be following others — hoping they’ll follow us back —…

Beggar selling flowers. Mumbai, India — Image by Craig Boehman

“Ut imago est animi voltus sic indices oculi.” — Cicero

We’re all familiar with the phrase, the eyes are the window to the soul. The above quotation isn’t this phrase in its original language. What Cicero roughly said was: The face is a picture of the mind, the eye its interpreter.

Certainly not as poetic as the eyes being a window to the soul, at least as an English translation. But what I discovered early on was that capturing my subjects’ eyes in my street photography was just about the most important aspect of the craft.

In my early pictures…

Craig Boehman

Photographer & Writer| Mumbai |

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